Is Apple going to be the first company to have 1 Trillion dollars?

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What do you think? Apple- $534,000,000,000 as if January 31, 2017.
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  • I think that they will, either them or Alphabet (Google's parent company).
  • I think that they will?
  • There are many other companies that may hit it such as Alphabet. Apple is not the only company in the Fortune 500.
  • I think that they will.
  • They will eventually, but they have an inflated valuation model that prices aggressive expectations. They are highly vurnable to the flactuations in the overall market.
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  • I think that they will because they have two new devices that are guaranteed to take off coming out in September and October and think about how much Apple makes with every new phone. They are releasing an iPhone 7S Plus and a regular iPhone 7S. Also in October, they have the new iPhone 8 coming out which is going to generate millions of dollars of revenue with these three devices coming out so I think that Apple will be the first company to get one trillion dollars. Also, it's not like Apple makes no money until then, I mean, they make 4,500 dollars a second and they are still constantly selling their products and gaining profit so I think that it will be Apple that hit 1 trillion first.
  • Yes, they have a large cash pile which can help them with acquisitions, expanding markets etc.
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