What will be the most valiable brand Google vs Apple vs Amazon by 2020?

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Google’s brand is now worth an estimated $109.4 billion, and Apple's brand value dropped 27 percent — the single largest drop of any company last year — to $107.1 billion. Amazon gained an estimated $36.7 billion in brand value last year — the single highest gain among major companies — ranking the online retailer third, behind Apple and Google.
Which brand do you feel will more valuable by 2020 and why?
  1. What do you feel will be the most valuable brand by 2020?

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    1. Google
    2. Apple
    3. Amazon
    4. Other
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  • I would go with Apple. As of now they have the highest value out of the companies. Although, I think that all companies would have high value by 2020. With the google car coming up, Amazon drones and the new IPhone, all of the companies can be evaluated even higher very soon.
  • I would also say Apple. They have the highest evaluation (as of now) out of them, Amazon and Google. Google is trying to take a bite out of the phone industry, although I don't think Apple will let them eat a big piece since the new IPhone will come out soon. Amazon, has developments such as their new shipping service, next generation physical store and the possible drone delivery coming in the near future. Again, all of these companies are highly evaluated, but Apple would be my choice in this debate partially due to its high value and it being the highest out of those companies.
  • I vote for Amazon. Their retail brand is now synonymous with shopping. Their AWS offering is also a clear leader in public cloud. As they add more products, I think their brand value and recognition will cement even more. Google and Apple brand names likely will continue to grow in value as well.
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