Is America due for a revolution?

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With the country so divided, is it simply inevitable for a revoultion to happen? We have seen Arab Spring in other countries.
  1. Is America due for a revolution?

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    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Maybe

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  • Possibly. America is already having some what of a revolution considering that cities are not following Trump's orders as well as protests occurring.
  • I think you saw too many movies or too much drama. While I agree that it is polarizing the country, I cannot see a scenario for another Tea Party, North vs South type revolution, or 1917 Russia. The debates will continue, but no revolution.
  • Tocik17, maybe you are on to something. No one predicted the Arab spring either. What if Trump starts deportations of illegal immigrants and it gets broad support for anti-deportation movement, leading to country wide-violence?
    The pause I have, the revolution would have to be on opinion, but not on looks, or geographic location like prior revolutions. How would people know whom to fight with, without coming up to a person and asking what they stand for?
    So I believe in a possibility of many uprisings, but not far enough to predict a revolution. I vote for no.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • So far I dont see angry villagers lining up around my house with pitch forks, but I will let you know if I do :)
    Tocik17, I hope you are not volanteering to be the founder of this movement.
    Seriously though, the issue of country polarization is very unpredictable and real. There is always a chance for some sort of "revolution", but I just think that is unlikely in this case. Maybe some riots here and there though.
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