Is Budweiser Superbowl 51 commercial will generate Trump anti immigration controversy?

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One of the commercials at the Superbowl will be to tell a story of the German Budweiser co founder how he immigrated to the US in 1857. With the Trump anti-immigration backdrop, do we think that Budweiser is trying to generate a buzz or stick it to Trump?
  1. Will the Budweiser commercial

    10 votes
    1. Generate anti-immigration controversy
    2. Attempt for Budweiser leverage the controversy to boost PR
    3. Attempt to stick it to Trump
    4. None of the Above

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  • I think they are trying to stick it to Trump, by telling this emotional story to show what he is doing is wrong by banning immigrants.
  • I believe such commercial will add fuel to the fire about the hot immigration issue. There is no way Budweiser team is not doing that intentionally. It is likely a marketing ploy
  • I think it may be PR.
  • It would generate that, then Trump would not drink it.
  • It is really dissapointing when global companies like Budwisers use events such as Superbowl that is meant to bring people together for celebration, to impact political views of the country. That is a good marketing ploy by them to get a good ROI from their millions of dollars they paid, but I am boycotting budweiser during today's game for their political attack on Trump administration.
  • I think that they want to stick it to Trump.
  • I think they just want to do a good PR stunt, as well as appeal to most of America, that probably is against trump.
  • They are generating anti-trump.
  • This anti-Immigration political bs from companies like Budwieser has to stop. I say we switch to coors light during todays Superbowl to show our support.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
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  • The Buick commercial was nice
  • Mr Clean commercial was hilarious
    Live Long and Prosper
  • They want the PR.
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