Valentines Day is too commercial, celebrate Love Festivus instead, based on Principles of Seinfield

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Frankly, I am tired of commercial aspects of Valentine's Day. Whether you are married, dating, or single - it is just a pain with too much pressure. Dinners on Valentine's day always result in overpriced sub-par supercrowded service. Constant rush for gifts, and all for what? If success of your relationship depends on saying I love you on Valentine's Day, I think you may have bigger issues. I say, lets start a new more simplistic holiday founded on minimalist principles jokingly created by genius of Seinfeld Festivus. In a related debate 100% agreed that some people actually celebrate Festivus as a real holiday (full disclosure that I didnot actually meet anyone yet who does, but agree they exist).
Lets have DebateIslanders crowdesourcing creation of this holiday, and vouch to commit your significant other to celebrate it this year instead of the Valentine's Day. When someone asks you about Valentine's Day, you tell them "No"! We celebrate the "Love Festivus"! Over the next 5 days until Feb 10th, lets get all DebateIslanderers ideas on how to customize this holiday. Please send your interest in comments by replying to this poll. On Feb 11th, if there is sufficient interest then lets make it real and declare it as a Holiday. That will be really cool.
Here is draft of the holiday:
Day - Feb 14
Name - Love Festivus
Purpose - Celebrate True meaning of love and caring for someone, without commercial aspects of the Valentine's day holiday. Find genuine ways to express these feelings deliberatly avoiding spending money on anything you wouldn't spend otherwise
Draft rules version 1.0:
- going out for romantic dinner is not allowed, but ordering or cooking a romantic meal is ok.
- No gifts to be exchanged
- each partner must express their true and sincere feelings without greeting cards. Writing down meaningful thoughts on a piece of paper, creating a poem, song, etc is great.
- Posting the romantic gestures how you celebrated Love Festivus on your favorite social media site and Debate Island is probably a good idea.
- ensuring that the couple finds atleast 30 minutes to talk and honestly express their feelings to each other (no tv, etc) - just talk, a walk around the block is fine - remember simplicity.
- Festivus Pole : each couple will customize the holiday by finding a meaning to what Love Festivus Pole will be just for them . That will give a special meaning to the holiday for each couple.

  1. Are you interested in helping to create and celebrate Love Festivus holiday?

    5 votes
    1. Yes - both me and my spouse/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend are interested
    2. I am interested, but my spouse/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend is not
    3. Not interested
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