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Will Trump' Approval Rating Increase?

Opening Argument

Do you think that Donald Trump's Historically Low Approval Raring Will Increase Either In The Near Future Or Over A Decemt Period of Time?
  1. Will Donald Trump's Approval Rating Increase?

    12 votes
    1. Yes, It Will Increase.
    2. No, It Will Not.
    3. It Will, Very Soon.
    4. It Will, Over Time.

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Status: Open Debate


  • Yes, It will Increase. I personally think that may be in the rear future as he flows rebought more great political actions and/or executive orders.
  • I think it will increase. The only unfortunate thing is the the more terrorist acts occur in the US or around the World it will help his ratings.
    There was a recent attack in Louve Paris, and unfortunately things like that will continue to happen
  • No, it will not. I believe that it may continuesly Increase to an even lower historical approval rating. Trump is putting out very controversial executive orders as well as comments and his very well know, Twitter feed.
  • I think that It will increase, over time.
  • I think that it will soon, as he continues to do what he is doing.
  • That is a good debate. Right now he has pretty low approval rating, but his decisive actions may generate more support if he can demonstrate some quick wins. Currently there is much political handwind that he taking heads on. Interesting situation
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Yes, it will soon.
  • Yes, it will over time as the US gets used to him as a president and respects him as a person and president.
  • Yes, I believe it will, very soon.
  • Yes, I believe it will, very soon.
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  • I also think his rating will increase, and so will rating of the
    I agree with prcentral_19291.
    I cannot use I dont have patience dor their clunky and super formal debate process with ui from 10 years ago. I also love the alien icons that uses.
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