Did The Patriots Deserve Their Super Bowl Win?

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Did the patriots deserve their win?
I believe that they did. They set a historic record as well as obtained a huge come back. They went from 21-3 to 28-34. That was also a great game.
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  • Yes, they had a huge come back as mentioned, as well as making history. Overall they played better than the falcons, especially nearing the end of the amazing games as well as the first over time in Super Bowl history.
  • Yes, the patriots surely deserved their historic as well as great win. They greatly improved throughout the game and obtained an unlikely game-winning come back.
  • Yes! Miracles dont just happen. That was once in a lifetime and they deserved it!
  • Yes, they deserved it.
  • Yes, they deserved it.
  • What Patriots did in that game was simply amazing. I don't know if we will see something like that in our lifetime ever again
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Yes.
  • Yes, that was a great game, possibly one of the best super bowl games in history. It also made history.
  • Yes, they won fair and square.
  • There won very fairly.
  • It is very interesting to see them losing 21-3 and then poof 28-34
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