BuzzFeed vs. Trump

Opening Argument

Did BuzzFeed go too far to publish it against Trump? Is Trump reaction warranted? Who is right?
  1. Who is Right?

    7 votes
    1. Buzzfeed
    2. Trump
    3. Neither
Live Long and Prosper

Status: Open Debate


  • Trump is correct in this situation!
  • Trump is right, especially about the fake media. Also, we missed you agsr! You haven't posted in a while. Welcome back!
  • Both are wrong, also like the other user said, we missed you agsr!
  • Neither are correct. I think that Trump takes things too far and so does the media.
  • Trump is right in this situation, especially with the news.
  • I am a bit on a fence on this one personally, but here is my assessment:
    1) buzz feed is definitely wrong. That is unprofessional and they should be embarrassed to provide that type of service to their customers
    2) Trump is correct to be upset about and voice his concerns. I probably think he could have moderated his tone though, as he should be presidential.

    Overall though I side with Trump on this one.
    Thank you for welcoming me back, as my other priorities prevented me from DebateIsland. Feels great to be back
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Well, as usual that's a great point agsr, I think that Trump is right with this situation.
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