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Is Hillary Clinton planning to run again for next Election?

Opening Argument

is Hillary out of the world of presidential elections, or will she work hard over the next few years to prep for her next campaign?
  1. Is Hillary Clinton planning to run again for next Election?

    8 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • I think she will. Since Trump is a risky President, it is a risky bet if he will end up popular or not after a few years. If his policies backfire and his popularity suffers then Hillary will be there to do I told you so dance
  • If Trump doesn't do well then she will likely run again.  I think though Trump will do just fine, and Hillary should start thinking about something else to do
  • I have a suspicion she has reserved an option to run again and is waiting to see how Trump does with his unconvential presidency.
  • I bet it was a highly stressful experience and she probably had enough.  She is getting their in age, and dont think she will find energy to run again.
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  • I think that she may be running the next election. Her sppexh had partially targeted kids (little girls) who could be voting in 4 years. Also, many rumors are pointing to her running a 2020 campaign or the NY election in 2017 (This year). Knowing Hillary, she may run. On the other side, she seemed to be "done" and mentally full after the 2016 election loss to Donald Trump through electoral votes. Trump claims that millions of votes were castes by illegal immigrants as well.
    on another note- 
    I found the website on Wiki for debate. I saw a link, and I though it would look to a WIKI page, but it pointed to the website. That's good, but I think that another link should point to the Wiki. Any way, great Website. I didn't really follow Online Debate websites in the past, but after I will use this platform. I compared it with other Debate websites and found this to be the best. Another thing, I signed up for the newsletter, but I didn't get anything yet.
  • I also think she is contemplating to run for the next election.   Most likely it will depend how well Trump does.
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  • No, I think that she is fed up.
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