Will Trump Start A War During His Presidency?

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will Trump start a war during his presidency?
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    2. No

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  • No, Donald Trump is overly-aggressive, but that's next level.
  • No, I don't believe that he's that crazy.
  • I think he will start a Trade War, cyber war, and maybe some other virtual war.  I hope he doesn't cause some crazy conflict in middle-east or North Korea that has nuclear weapons.  At this point it looks like he will not start a war with Russia, that's good.
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  • I say that he may cause either civil war, or some sort of revolution, as the country is getting polarized.  People are blocking each other on facebook and creating friction at work, will we evolve into two races - Trumpers and AntiTrumpers?
  • Trump is not expected to start an actual war. I agree with Ale5 though that some type of trade war, cyber war, etc that's a different story. 
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  • I don't believe that he will start a war.
  • No, I don't think that he will. I am greatly surprised that it's 75-25 in the poll. Also, amazing website. I found this through createdebate and I am planning to only use this from now on and tell others about!
  • I think the 75% in the poll reflects a more loose definition of war.  War as defined as trade war, cyber war.
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  • I believe that he will not cause a war, but may get the US into some things that they shouldn't be in especially with Mexico.
  • No, I don't think so. Also, now it's 60-40.
  • No, I don't think that he will. Also, 55-45. Trump will hopefully be able to stay under control. Although, he might have a war with the media.
  • No. It's 50-50!!!!!!!!!
  • Let's all vote against it and hope that Trump reads this poll and avoid a war in his presidency :smile: 
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  • I don't think that he will start a war, although he may with the video. Also, funny remark agsr. You are a great person in One of the best.
  • Funny remark agsr. I don't think that he will start a war. Agsr, you are a great debater and person in the community. Definitely one of the best.
  •  Trump obviously will try to put America First that means he will take the initiative which is in the best case for Americans and second for rest of the world. I believe Trump will be more realistic in dealing with widespread Terrorism and try to get him on board with the countries which developed themselves as a haven for terrorists and indulge in proxy wars e.g.Pakistan. Meanwhile, he would give a fierce look to the American Companies who open branches elsewhere in World and export jobs that means, at that front, it will be alarming in terms of Business deals with other countries.And countries can be hit by Trump's ambition of getting more jobs to America. Moreover, he will aim at anti-globalization mantra to root out Job conundrum. Trump all over focus on eradicating terrorists from his Nation as well as from others and opt for a better convincing way which drives other countries to act seriously against terrorists.
  • No, definitely not.. I don't believe that he will start a war but yes he will  definitely try to put lots of his efforts  to put his country first as he has already said.
  • Donald Trump will ensure that American interests are protected.  If that means a war then he will do that. I think though it is unlikely, so I vote no.
  • It depends on what you mean.  If you mean an actual war, then it's highly unlikely; the last time the US declared war on anyone was during WWII.  If you mean what the mainstream media will call a war, which is pretty much any use of any kind of force anywhere in the world, then more than likely yes.
  • @CYDdharta , I agree as well. Actual war is unlikely, but a more broader sense of "war"..cyber, media, etc is a strong possibility.
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  • I agree with agsr.
  • WhyTrump - a good question
  • I don't think that Syria strike qualifies 
  • @WhyTrump ; If Trump's strike on Syria constitutes a "war" what did you think of Pres Clinton when he bombed Baghdad to stop Saddam's "nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors."
  • @CYDdharta , I am actually unsure if this Syria strike and Clinton actions qualify as "war" or not.  It is some form of military aggression at a minimum.  The bigger concern is if these actions will escalate to a full war.  With Russia not backing down, hopefully we will not start WW3.
    With this Syria situation chances of a full blown war are increasing for sure than when this debate started.

    According to dictionary definition, Syria may technically well qualify as a war.
    a conflict carried on by force of arms, asbetween nations or between parties within anation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.
    a state or period of armed hostility or activemilitary operations

    WhyTrump - a good question
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