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Retail or Online Store/s, what's the best?

Opening Argument

Nowadays there are many Online only store such as (Online Only For Now). There are also retail/online stores such as and finally retain only stores. What's the best method Our of these?
  1. What's the best method?

    8 votes
    1. Online Only
    2. Retail/online
    3. Retail

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  • I think that all of the options are great.
  • All of the options are great.
  • Online! With convenience of research, getting best price, and now amazon prime delivery, Online is the way to go.  Soon with amazon ever-evolving shipping options and one day drone shipping, I don't know if we will ever go to a store again.
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  • Great point again agsr!   I totally agree about Amazon Prime.  It is super convinient and you can share the account among family members.   If your brother is paying for the membership, you can simply reap the benefits.

    Who has time for actual retail shopping these days.
  • Tocik17, great point again.  You seem to be making lots of great comments on these debates with out of the box thinking!  Amazon prime membership can be shared amonf multiple friends and family members, which makes it so much more attractive (free is great). Physical stores are horrible, especially for germophobes during flu season.  Online is my vote
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  • I think that all of the methods are very good, but come with certain margins and more.
  • I think all of the stores are great but come with different issues as well as margins for their products.
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