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Is Donald Trump Too Harsh On The Media?

Opening Argument

Donald Trump is known for criticism towards the media. Is he going too far or just right or not far enough?
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    12 votes
    1. Too far
    2. Not far enough
    3. Just right

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  • I believe that he is not going too far.
  • I can see how President Trump is annoyed with the media.  It is difficult for us to judge his exact reaction since we are not in his shoes, but he is being targeted for various reason (maybe ratings, maybe political debates).  Since it is a free country, he cannot really do KGB style crackdown on the he will have to learn to meditate and deal with his frustration somehow.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I would say he's not too harsh on them.
  • I think that he's a good amount.
  • No, I don't think that he is too harsh on media but yes, he if he think like something wrong happening then he must raised his voice against that, but somehow it may happens because as everyone know how is his behaviour
  • I find it ironic that this question is being asked on Trump.  When Obama was president, he catered to his favorite media outlets as well, but unlike Trump (at least so far) Obama sent the Justice Dept. to investigate and harass a reporter who was critical of his administration.  Perspectives seem unreasonably skewed when it comes to Trump.
  • I don't believe he's to harsh on the media.
  • CYDdharta,
    that is an excellent point.  Since the views around Trump are so polarized, anti-Trump folks and media always take extreme negative position when it comes to Trump. He is just a nice juicy target for the media to boost their ratings. It wasn't cool for the media to attack Obama, that was just weird.  Obama to your point send the justics departmemt after that one reporter. When all that ugly email stuff was going on around Hillary, the media was not leeching on her and kept it mostly low key.  

  • CYDdharta and Islander507,
    i also agree with your points.
    Media and anti-Trump liberals are overly aggressive and hiding behind consititional right for freedom of speech.  But, consititution doesn't give them the right to attack the President of the USA to boost their ratings.  Trump will be in his full right to be even more aggressive with the media.  He called them enemy of the people, and that's not unwarranted.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • No, he is not harsh at all.
  • No, he should be even more strict with them.
  • Given what media is doing to him, he is absolutely within his right. Big Media is really out of control, using their catchy headlines and stretched cherry-picked facts to attack public perception of Trump.
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