Sorry, Trump, but America’s economy is already pretty great

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  1. Is America ecomony already great?

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    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • I disagree with this opinion. Our economy struggles with hugh debt. Our trade balance is not competitive, and education system doesn't support future growth. We can debate if Trump would be successful in introducing change, but to say we don't have economic issue is not right.
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  • The US economy is not great and needs vast improvement.
  • The economy is great for the 1%ers and the lowest class, it's horrible for the middle class.
  • I agree with CYDharta, who made an extremely interesting point. DONALD trump claims that he will improve the middle class and economy. As of now, The economy is not great.
  • No, the economy needs improvement. I agree with CYDdharta.
  •  Agree with CYDsharta that only limited segments of our society would say our economy is good.  Although I am not sure even the bottom 1% would agree that it's great. It is not great for anyone.  I also would like to point out that I don't like to say that anything is great, as it implies perfection - and anything can be improved.
    our economy with high debt, limited competitive advantage in numerous industry, high unemployment - is not great. That's why Trump got much of his support, as people voted for change.
  • The economy is amazing.
  • No, the American Economy is currently great for certain classes/people, but not others.
  • Yes, Obama inherited a horrible economy. It was 2008, the market crashed. Obama improved the Obama. He got American back on its feet.
  • CYDdharta made a good point in this debate.  I agree.
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  • Wow, if you got a complement from agsr, you must be amazing. Also, I agree with CYDdharta and agsr.
  • It is interesting that based on the latest jobs report, economy is doing well.  We can argue how much of that is due to Trump or not, but certainly he noosted the economy expectations based on sky rocketing performance of the stock market.
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