Donald Trump Will Leave You Numb - Do you agree with that NY Times view?

Opening Argument Frank Bruni published an editorial in NY times to critisize Trump how he handled the conference and his communication approach in general. He is accusing Trump of inconsistent information overload and argues that he is not fit to lead this Country. He also states that Trump only has support from the most blind voters.
  1. Donald Trump will leave you numb?

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    1. Yes -I agree with NY Times editorial
    2. No - I disagre with NY Times editorial
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  • A very one-sided editorial, that puts every action from President Trump under microscope, and stretches too far. His communication style has been successful to make him a billionaire, create a popular tv show, and get him elected to office.  The jury is still out how successful he will be as the President, but we should stop polarizing the country with constant instigator media pressure that is spinning out of control.  Editorials like this combined with SNL skids, continue to twist information and incorrectly showcase perception about the President. In case of SNL skids, atleast they are funny and enjoyable, but the facts in this editorial are not.

    My opinion of the conference, is that President Trump was attacked by the media, and reacted well given the hostile environment created by media reporters. 
    He maybe lashing out on all of this media hostility, but the fact is only a small percentage believe he is taking it too far. In a recent DebateIsland poll on topic of "Is Donald Trump Too Harsh On The Media?", only 14% thought it was too far. 
     There was nothing wrong with how he handled anti-semitic remarks at the conference. It wasn't appropriate for the reporter to imply that Trump is anti-semitic.  He will do well for the Israel-US relationship.
  • When the editor of that article makes his first Billion and accomplishes all other things Trump accomolished then he can give Trump a lesson on communications.  
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