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Did Trump cross the line calling The Media, America's Enemy?

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  • Yes,
    he crossed the line this time and many others. Since the media is clearly not for him, or most of the media, Trump is campaigning angainst the media. 
  • No,
    Trump is the president. He has the right to say this. Also, this is 100% true. Trump is definitely right. The media is extremely biased especially now.
  • Trump is being attacked and he is attacking back.  Media companies are out for Trump to exploit the ratings.
  • No, Trump is not crossing the line. He is being attacked as love2debate said and he needs to attack back.
  • The media erased the line about the time Trump announced his candidacy and they have taken so much as a baby-step back. It is preposterous to argue that someone is both uncontrollable and also under the control of a foreign government. It is ridiculous to suggest that someone is dangerously unstable because of his political beliefs when those beliefs are shared by roughly half the country. The mainstream media declared war on Trump and they have taken every opportunity to attack and vilify him. Until they change their perspective and introduce some semblance of objectivity in their reporting, there is very little Trump could do that goes too far.

  • He didn't cross the line.  Media is out of control provoking Trump and milking his popularity for ratings.
    Live Long and Prosper
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