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Will ISIS be taken down during Trump's Term/s?

Opening Argument

Trump claims that he will defeat ISIS. Do you think that he will?
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    9 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No

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  • Yes, ISIS is a major threat to our modern day society and needs to be taken off the face of this Earth. Donald Trump claimed that he will infact do that. I think that he will keep that major campaign promise and do this during his term/s.
  • Yes, I think that Trump may team up with other countries and complete that mission.
  • I hope that he will. I also hope that they will not evolve to something else
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Yes, I think so.
  • With all the focus on building a wall, kicking out illegal immigrants, and a full list of items..I don't think that Trump will have focus on effectively addressing ISIS. It's about priorities..and he cannot do everything of he wants to be successful.  I think ISIS should be a higher priority than many of his other agenda items
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  • Yes, it may be.
  • Yes, I think that it will be if Tump teams up with other countries.
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