Should Countries Interfere With One Another?

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These days, many countries interfere with others. This could be due to alliances and more. Is this right or should this occur in the world?
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  • No, every country should do their own thing without intervening.
  •  No, there should be no intervening. Every country should have their own policies and more.
  • Yes, there should be alliances etc.
  • No, it is not their issue.
  • Arguing against interference is arguing for the dissolution of international organizations like trade unions, the European Union, and even the United Nations. That doesn't even begin to touch on multi-national corporations.

    Interfering with other countries is inevitable. A trade deal between two countries affects their neighbors. A country doesn’t even need to do anything to affect another. Imagine two countries; country A is landlocked and country B is on the coast. Both countries are self-sufficient and neither engages in foreign trade. People from the landlocked country will want to vacation at the beaches of the coastal country, and some will want to stay there permanently.

  • Our global economy is now highly integrated and it is impractical to ignore interference. It's a complex web of politics and self interests that need to be managed. I agree that US should carefully consider their strategic involvement into issues of other countries, and ensure our interests are well represented.  
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  • No, there should not be.
  • No, but there should be a central power like the UN.
  • If it is a threat to their citizens then yea.
  • I believe that counties should not interfere with each other. This is due to different policies and foreign policies possibly.
  • northsouthkorea What if one country might be a threat to another? What if one country needs resources from anther?
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