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Do you believe in God? Religion vs Science

inc4tinc4t 32 Points
Timeless debate of all time.  Please vote and explain your position.
  1. Do you believe in God? Religion vs Science7 votes
    1. Yes I believe in God or Higher Power- Religion
    2. No - Science


  • Yes, I believe in god.
  • YYCDebaterYYCDebater 2 Points
    God has not been proven in any way. Most attempts have come from philosophical contexts and rational arguments. Thomas Aquinas attempted to explain god, yet the ideas were very vague and there was a massive leap in his logical connections. They have also been disproven through other logical arguments. Same goes for the ontological proof of god. As proposition, the burden of proof lies upon you and there is not enough evidence to show that a higher power exists.
  • inc4tinc4t 32 Points
    Atheism has not been proven or disproven, neither was God.  It is a personal believe, and takes many shapes.  
    I personally believe in science.
  • ludil_hanzaludil_hanza 2 Points
    I believe in god and he is real.
  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... AN EXPLOSION! Both sides can sound rediculous. I believe in a universal law of god rather than the possibility of a "big bang". My god, (i'm christian) is not some guy with a white beard on a throne. My god is more like gravity and cannot be seen here. Simple as that. I beileve a perfect, non random force would be more likely to have crested the universe rather than the big bang.
  • islander507islander507 32 Points
    @Brois_Nickalson , welcome back to the Island...
    You had some interesting debates and I hope things are well.
    I also believe in higher power, but just not sure what it is. We don't understand so many things, so for us to say with absolute certainty that we know exactly how things started is arogant.  I think there is a higher form of energy that holds things together, and what I think is most important is that we believe in something, and that something drives us to do the right thing. Whether it's fear of going to hell, or a desire of getting to heaven..that is one of the glues holding societies together and avoid anarchy. 
    I dont argue against the big bang, that maybe part of that higher power plan too. There is sufficient evidence that something like Big Bang did happen.
  • lehrun_37lehrun_37 2 Points
    I completely believe in god.
  • @islander507 , if at any poing in history ere was absolutely nothing then there would still be absolutely nothing and no laws of the universe would exist. If there was always something then it would be random and it would be illogical that we would exist since we are finite and such. It would make sence that if a god existed that it would have interacted with humanity. My argument for god jerry-condenced.
  • jerniahjerniah 2 Points
    Well, Boris Nickalson I do understand your point some what, but do not share the same opinion. Although, you made a great argument, but I disrespectfully disagree. Something had to trigger the creation of everything.
  • islander507islander507 32 Points
    @Brois_Nickalson , thank you for your compelling argument.  The point is that what we refer to as "God" is open to much interpretation.  I think you agreed on that in your earlier argument.  I argue that definition of "nothing" is open to interpretation.  
    It is all based on personal belief.  
    Science has demonstrated substantial theory supporting Big Bang.  As you earlier pointed out it will be too arogant for us to understand exactly what happened, but I still find Big Bang theory more compelling.
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