Should study of History in school be compressed?

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In school, there is tremendous time spend by teaching kids the history.  All the names, dates, etc.  outside of just knowing the basics and having access to Google, should we teach History in school?  Should we instead compress history curriculum by 90%?
  1. Should study of History in school be compressed?

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  • With decreased attention span and availabily of information at any time via google, I would advocate to redirect the hours of detailed study of history towards more technology topics for the kids. I am not advocating for stopping teaching history, but significant compression makes sense
  • If we don't learn from history, we will just keep making same mistakes over and over.  History taught in school is. Ot about memorizing dates and names, but the concepts and lessons that also repeat themselves.  There is tremendous value in understanding history and I strongly advocate that especially in the age of twitter, we emphasize history to the next generations.
  • With World getting smaller, and with so many valuable insights we can learn from our past, History is really important.  Kids need to understand history as they will be future leaders of our country. We don't need them to memorize all dates and spelling of last names for every dictator..but they need to understand the events, trends, and learn how to connect the dots between past, present, and the future.
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  • No, the surdybof history is extremely important. Although, the study of history should be more honest especially in the school system. Also, I live this website and am planning to tell others about it. I am a top 5 member on and plan on doing a switch over.
  • No, It should not be compressed.
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