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Would World be better off not having religion?

inc4tinc4t 49 Points
Religion unites communities together and at the same time it is a cause for wars and Crusades.  With advances of technology the role of Religion is changing.  
  1. Would World be better off not having religion?2 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
  • Many religions are unique,mand unfortunately in World history we experienced much hardship due to crusades and other wars motivated by religion.  Looking forward, religion can continue to be an important cornerstone to mitigate aspects of social-media infested societies,where people can have a common cause and a sense of real community and human interactions.  Religion continues to play an important role in self-actualization.
  • No, this would not make the world better in any way except possibly reducing some tensio. After all, after the effect wears off there may be war again, worse than before due to some changed alliances and more. Also, religion is amazing. Humans need to have some form of diversity between them and that is religion.
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