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Would World be better off not having religion?

inc4tinc4t 103 Points
edited May 12 in Religion
Religion unites communities together and at the same time it is a cause for wars and Crusades.  With advances of technology the role of Religion is changing.  
  1. Would World be better off not having religion?9 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • DebateIslandRocksDebateIslandRocks 13 PointsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    Many religions are unique,mand unfortunately in World history we experienced much hardship due to crusades and other wars motivated by religion.  Looking forward, religion can continue to be an important cornerstone to mitigate aspects of social-media infested societies,where people can have a common cause and a sense of real community and human interactions.  Religion continues to play an important role in self-actualization.
  • No, this would not make the world better in any way except possibly reducing some tensio. After all, after the effect wears off there may be war again, worse than before due to some changed alliances and more. Also, religion is amazing. Humans need to have some form of diversity between them and that is religion.
  • averyaproaveryapro 61 Points
     I really don't know that the world would be better completely free of religion but I do think that a lot of things would be solved without religion because a lot, of bad things, have happened because of religion. Think of all of the Muslims. They haven't been judged 5 years ago but now that people are still Muslim but guess what? Without all of the Abrahamic Religions ever being made and Muslim no one would be judged and there wouldn't be as much chaos with religions. I think it would just be better without religion. But the reason that I think that religion should still exist is that because people should have diversity and people should believe in different things and not everything should be the same. 
  • DebateIslandRocksDebateIslandRocks 13 PointsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    @averyapro, it is true that religion often serves as a dividing line and a cause of many conflicts. At the same time it brings people and communities together.  Let's say we wouldn't have religions with strong ideologies, would dividing lines be formed around different ideologies? If you see what happens in North Korea, they believe in communism and their supreme leadership. 
    It was similar in Soviet Union during Cold War.  
    As you pointed out there is a mix view on this and overall it should still exist. I agree with you.

  • AthiestHAthiestH 2 Points
    On one hand, less wars, but also religion has helped people get through hard times.
    But also that means more discrimination and the holocaust so i said yes.

  • agsragsr 339 PointsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    @AthiestH, while religion was a cause of wars, so was race, and other believes.  I don't think that religion should be attributed to all the issues.  For example, the Holocaust was not based on religion, but based on political party and racial discrimination.
  • melanielustmelanielust 199 Points
    Every religion when strictly interpreted has horrible destructive elements. But think about where we would be without it. Think about all the art, architecture , and brilliant literature and music that we wouldn't have anymore. It would be a real tragedy.
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