Should all schools mandate school uniforms?

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Should students be required to have a standard uniform to promote school solidarity, avoid fashion issues, inaappropriate clothing, etc.  Or is the benefit of expressing individuality at school warrants not having that mandate.
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  • Interesting debate.  I see the benefit of school uniforms as many prep schools or ex-communist countries mandated uniforms.  I personally prefer expression of individuality.
  • I think that would be a good idea.  That would eiliminate many irrelevant distractions kids have to face while at school and will develop more of a sense of community.
  • My opinion, based from personal experience, is that there should be a balance. There should be some days like on Monday and those with PE clases that uniforms should be required and some other days maybe 2 in which they can express themselves through their clothing, which is an important part of their lives, because we enjoy dressing according to our own sense of style and we also enjoy showing off who we are through clothing. There should obviously be a dress code, like no skirts, dresses or shorts that are too short, no cleavage, and no heels or t-shirts with offensive or inappropriate content. 

    With using both you can develop a sense of community, while still allowing children to express their individuality. 

    For example in my school on Mondays and on those days for PE class we had to use the uniform (uniforms were the same for girls and for boys)and we had two days or three, depending on your schedule and your grade, in which we could use our own clothing. Because of this we didn't view uniforms as such a bad thing, because we all used the same uniforms (Sporty pants and a polo shirt with the school's logo sown into, along with a sporty jacket.) and because we had the liberty to express ourselves at least 2 days a week. 
  • Up to the school.
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  • No uniforms.  Even the corporate world is going more and more towards casual.  More corporations are dropping suits and ties as the standard attire.  Let kids be kids
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  • someone234someone234 155 Pts
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    @agsr I'm sorry but that's simply untrue. Unless you work in a 'nerdy' job or a blue collar job, suit and tie is very standard for the male worker.
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  • I think that it is really up to the school and more specifically if there is a lot of bullying happening. However, if there isn't I think that students should be able to wear whatever they want and express their fashion choices etc. 
  • @someone234, many Wall Street firms are going business casual with jeans fridays.  
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  • @agsr I don't care about what some wall street firm does on a friday as a special thing, I am arguing to you that it is not at all transitioning and if anything fashion sense is getting much more formal (it is FORMAL CLOTHING that is actually becoming considered more casual, this is the truth). In other words, more people than ever are wearing suits because in the past suits were only for serious wear but are becoming more and more for semi-casual wear especially for TV presenters etc.
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  • someone234
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  • @agsr One article by one person on a tabloid paper doesn't prove a thing. I know real workers in REAL JOBS. Suits are more in than they ever were.
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  • @agsr One article by one person on a tabloid paper doesn't prove a thing. I know real workers in REAL JOBS. Suits are more in than they ever were.
    It's not tabloid.  The article mentions JPM chase, that accounts for many white collar jobs.  I can tell you that it's a trend for other banks on wallstreet for those not in customer- facing jobs
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  • @someone234, and here is another article mentioning Goldman Sachs.
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  • Though having mandatory school uniforms can be great for discipline, it's bad for children in the long run. Forcing a mandatory uniform on children is a way to suck the creativity out of them. I do believe that a lot of the "styles" we have today, such as sagging, should be banned from schools for obvious reasons. But students should be free to dress as they please, as a way to express themselves. Another big argument about all this is that uniforms would cut down the bullying rate, which is true, but not by much. As we've seen in the pass, even if we all dress the same we're still at risk of being bullied for any number of reasons such as race, size, weight, personality, etc. Now, depending on the context we're using uniforms on, I'd say setting aside one day each week to be a mandatory uniform day at school would be the more logical option. Our children will still be taught discipline and obedience but will still be allowed to show their creative side.

  • Sure. Put em in McDonald's or Walmart uniforms,  to get most of them prepared for their future.
  • i agree with you, @brontoraptor, discipline can cause lack of creativity and career prospects.
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