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Is Diet more important than exercise for long term health?

Opening Argument

Many people seem frustrated about lack of weight loss and health improvement after regular exercise.  At the same time, changing diet often has drastic impact on weight loss and blood test results.  While both are important in a healthy life style, which one is more important?
  1. Diet vs Exercise

    3 votes
    1. Diet is more important
    2. Regular Exercise is more important
    3. Both are equally important

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  • Both are important, but the right diet will produce much more immediate and pronounced results than exercise.  Diet is really key for long term health.  Its not even about diet, but a life style change how we eat.  Carbs, wheat, sugar are all things that cause long term damage to our bodies
  • Both are about equally important and may focus or effect/impact different and simialar things.
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