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How racial bias could be hurting Silicon Valley’s bottom line

Opening Argument

Do you agree in promoting diversity to executive ranks or people who are best qualified for the job, even if they are white male?
washington post published an article how Apple and many others are looking to address diversity gaps in their executive ranks.  Does that make sense?

  1. Promote diversity or best talent to executive ranks?

    3 votes
    1. Diversity
    2. Meritocracy (best talent)

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  • In technology getting the best talent is key.  The argument in the article is not weather these companies should choose best talent for executive management vs diversity. The argument is if they are leveraging diversity to find the best talent.  Meritocracy is the way to go, regardless if that includes 100% diverse or 100% non-diverse.
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  • No, I believe that getting the best talent is more important than diversity.
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