PewDiePie vs WSJ re Anti-Semitic posts and Nazi imagery

Opening Argument

WSJ published an article claiming that a popular YouTuber PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)
made anti-semitic remarks and used Nazi imagery, to essentially promote Anti-Semitic sentiment.  PewDiePie claims that his comments were taken out of context and these are targeted attacks against him by the WSJ. This is now turning into a full blown public debate with PewDiePie supported by 10s millions of his youTube followers essentially taking similar position as Trump re media being enemy of the people. Disney and other larger advertisers cut their ties with PewDiePie.  The dynamics of Big name media companies vs social media influencers are changing.  Both sides have strong arguments.  Racism and Anti-Semitism is an important topic not to be taken lightly. This public debate is evolving daily, so which side are you on? 
With Trump takimg a stromg stance against media, and now this..will it turn into a broader conflict of People against Media, and who is right?

Below is the WallStreet Journal Article

And PewDiePie video response

  1. PewDiePie vs WallStreet Journal?

    5 votes
    1. PewDiePie - His views are being misrepresented as Anti-Semitic, it is just an innocent joke
    2. WSJ - These Anti-Semitic posts are inexcusable
  2. Who will win the battle - Big Media vs Social Influencers

    5 votes
    1. Big Media
    2. Social Influencers
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  • Pewdiepie was very wrong in what he did. This was not a joke. I believe that Big Media will wil if they did not already and Disney made the right move. Also, I love this website. I am a user and switched over.
  • I generally think that PewDiePie is really funny, an that's why he has 53 million followers.  That said, it is completely unacceptable what he did, and absolutely cannot be tolerated. Saying "oops" is not good enough. There is no room for anti-semitism and Nazi imagery in my book, regardless of the intend.  
    At the same time, WSJ did go overboard cherry picking facts. I don't think that PewDiePie is a Nazi and a follower of Hitler.  It is disturbing that they continue to pop their headlines and twist facts like they do with Trump and to some extend this example. Context is important. I think that social media influencers nowhave a lot of following and will be overtaking big media companies more and more.
    so in summary:
    1)  PewDiePie is wrong, regardless of appology
    2) WSJ and Big media is also somewhat wrong. 
    3) Any flavor of anti-semitism and Nazi implication is terribly disturbing and shouln't be tolerated.
  • I am not willing to let PewDiePie off the hook for these posts, remarks, imagery regardless howmany followers he has on YouTube or what he meant or didn't mean. It is irresponsible and not acceptable.
    I  don't believe that he is a Nazi though, and probably just made a stupid mistake...but no second chances on that one.  Disney is right to ban him.
    WSJ used their Donald Trump playbook to cherry pick facts, but if I had to make a decision on this one I pick them.
    i do think that social media players are gaining power and have a good chance to win this and other similar battles.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • What he did was wrong and the polls show it. Also, I love this website.
  • There has been another recent waive of youtube banning bunch of videos for monetization.
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