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How would a strong third political party affect USA

Opening Argument

Imagine a third party with the ability to fragment the stronghold that republicans and democrats have in the political discourse of USA.  What would be the financial and social effects?
  1. Would a strong third party benefit financial markets?

    3 votes
    1. Would a strong third party benefit a progressive social agenda?
    2. Would a strong third party benefit a conservative social agenda?

Status: Open Debate


  • Well, there could be positive and negative benefits. A party like the NAZI party would
    not be good. A politician party with mutual beliefs may be good and appeal to a different audience.
  • agsragsr 540 PtsPremium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    Premium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    Very Interesting debate @model67 ;
    I would argue that with Trump administration many otherwise democrats turned to republicans and visa versa.  It is less important to identify yourself as a republic vs democrat, but how you identify with issues that the candidate represents.  a good chunk of Conservatives support Trump not because he is republican, but because he aligns with their interests (like smaller government).  The 2-party system is no longer effective when it comes to the current climate.  Trump is an outsider and was ready to run as independent if needed anyway. 
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Yes, this would be beneficial in ways.
  • This could benefit a conservative social agenda.
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