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How would a strong third political party affect USA

Imagine a third party with the ability to fragment the stronghold that republicans and democrats have in the political discourse of USA.  What would be the financial and social effects?
  1. Would a strong third party benefit financial markets?3 votes
    1. Would a strong third party benefit a progressive social agenda?
    2. Would a strong third party benefit a conservative social agenda?


  • Well, there could be positive and negative benefits. A party like the NAZI party would
    not be good. A politician party with mutual beliefs may be good and appeal to a different audience.
  • agsragsr 339 PointsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    Very Interesting debate @model67 ;
    I would argue that with Trump administration many otherwise democrats turned to republicans and visa versa.  It is less important to identify yourself as a republic vs democrat, but how you identify with issues that the candidate represents.  a good chunk of Conservatives support Trump not because he is republican, but because he aligns with their interests (like smaller government).  The 2-party system is no longer effective when it comes to the current climate.  Trump is an outsider and was ready to run as independent if needed anyway. 
  • Yes, this would be beneficial in ways.
  • This could benefit a conservative social agenda.
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