How Donald Trump Wins by Losing - Are we just watching White House Celebrity Apprentice?

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NYT published an editorial, 
"Traditionally, politicians have measured “success” or “failure” by public approval or the achievement of political goals. But these may be the wrong ways to assess a president who, in his heart, seems interested in a different metric: attention, or less colloquially, mindshare.” 
Why is everyone so obsessed with Trump anyway?  I agree that Donald Trump is really entertaining.  That is why Apprentice became so popular.
  A poll on shows that 67% of people would love to watch Celebrity Apprentice -White House, even more than Superbowl.  

That is what people are doing - they are watching reality TV, called Celebrity Apprentice at the white house. Unlike the actual show, where there is suspense who gets fired next, everyone is watching what Donald Trump would do next, and debate every issue. It is great for media ratings,  but is highly polarizing for the country.

  1. Is more publicity good or bad, just better for Donald?

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    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Media is out of control milking Trump for ratings
    4. Donald Trump is out of control
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  • He believes publicity is good.
  • I think it's the other way around, the mainstream media wins by losing.  They were hemorrhaging readership/viewership during the Obama administration.  Trump's win along with GOP control of the House and Senate has caused a lot of left-wingers to subscribe to various liberal press outlets to find out what the attack of the day is.  their customer base has stabilized, and even increased in some cases.  Trust in the media is still at all-time lows.  If and when Dems regain power, particularly the White House, the mainstream media will once again shift from attacking the GOP to being the mouthpiece/megaphone for the Dems.  Their readership/viewership will once again go into free-fall. 
  • I agree.  Trump has been a goldmine for the media.  First all the craziness at the election, everyday there would be something Trump would say, and they would milk it, exaggerate it, and provoke the public.  The more outrageous the better.
    Then he became the President, and typically with Dems that's where things would quite down..but with Trump that is a continued effect..great for viewership.
    Big media companies are being disrupted by so many new channels.  There is social media, like youtube competing for their advertiser dollars..they are literally fighting for their survival.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Donald Trump always wins.
  • Media is out of control, attacking Trump unfairly. That said, at this point Trump's supporters are conditioned to some extend to take negative news and label subconsciously as fake news. That was a genious of Donald Trump plan - he is a marketing guru.
  • The media is completely out of control. Their focus it ratings, Donald trump and his administration really help/ed them achieve their obvious goal. 
  • Donald Trump is really out of control. He knows that he's providing the media with ratings, but he also knows that they are making him very popular. 
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • Wow, I also switched for createdebate. I think that the media is wrong. They think that Donald Trump is a cash cow.
  • I switched from just now. I also think that the media is wrong. The thing is that a lot of users don't know about this website. They would love it.
  • ultimately Media is out of control, but Trump is feeding the sharks with his ongoing twitter messages and just overwhelming activity.  I vote against media being out of control, but in some ways - maybe it is a win-win for the Trump-media ecosystem. As Trump generates more news, media benefits by higher ratings, and Trump benefits by more publicity. I think that worked well in some ways for him prior to the election, but now it is just over the top.
  • He's a natural born winner.
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