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Home Alone in the Trump Administration?

agsragsr 75 Points
 NYT published an editorial, President Trump has appointed fewer than three dozen of the top 1,000 officials he needs to run the federal government. Worse, he doesn’t think that’s a problem. NYT argues that he needs a small army of managers and cannot act as a mom and pops shop. Alternative view can be is that he is actually cleaning up the inefficiency of the federal government.
  1. is that a problem or a positive development?7 votes
    1. Bad - I agree with NYT, he needs to fill these positions
    2. Good - Government is overstaffed, and Trump is cleaning it up


  • felix_USAfelix_USA 2 Points
    I agree with NYT.
  • mailissaaaamailissaaaa 2 Points
    The government is over staffed. Donald Trump is doing the right think. He is trying to save money. He's also attempting to reduce the debt which was only increased by the Obama administration drastically.
  • agsragsr 75 Points
    @mailissaaaa , I generally agree with you.  NYT is saying that we had all these government positions so we surely need to backfill them.  That is why Trump is getting support from the conservatives - cut the government, remove the waste, treat it like his own dollars.  Question the necessity and create an effective core group of competent loyal staff around him.  He is an outsider, and he is doing what's right..although obviously it's not too popular with many people.

    that said, I also don't think it's realistic that he can replace thousands of positions with a few dozen so quickly.  He is new and doesn't yet know how things fully work, so it's not realistic to say that the complex machine will not collapse without some support system.  I would say he still needs to staff up - maybe a 50-70% cut. So replace 1000 positions with 300-500 and then optimize next year after gettimg a better sense of the situation. A few dozens is just too draconian.
  • WhyTrumpWhyTrump 22 Points
    @felix_USA , i agree with NYT as well. We all know that federal government is a major opportunity for waste and cuts, but that's different.  We are talking about a major Established organization that needs deliberate planning and restructuring. If Trump would come in and after 2 years announce a plan to cut staff by half, that's great. Not staffimg these positions upfront is just way too risky.  We don't know what part of this legacy machine will break, but it will...and soon.
  • joecavalryjoecavalry 37 Points
    Good, the government is over staffed. Also, amazing website. I love it. I left recently. I think I will debate here from now on through a certain basis. I'm createdebate's number 1 user. Again, amazing website.
  • agsragsr 75 Points
    @joecavalry , As the current all time leader on DebateIsland, it is great to see you join our community of deaters.  We welome all ex-users from CeateDebate and, and I checked out your credentials from the other site, and it is very impressive. You will be a big asset to our debating community. I look forward to debating with you.

    as far as this particular debate, I agree completely that since government is so overstaffed, Trump is a great person to trim it down.  He will treat it like a business and will will do aggressive cost cuts (thats shy conservatives love him). While I am very supportive of that part of it, I also think it's too much risk to have so few of the 1000 positions filled.  It is too early without understanding what these peope actually do, and maybe we will find out that it was nothing (just collecting paychecks and filling unnecessary beurocracy)
  • joecavalryjoecavalry 37 Points
    Thank you agsr. I really respect you and your position on the leaderboard. I'm happy to debate here. Again, I live the website. I really love this website.
  • I agree with the NYT.
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