Blogger says liberals are crazy: Is he right?

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No, he is not.

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  • Ye
  • Not all liberals are crazy just some.
  • Mentally ill and morally reprobate, yes.

  • Liberals are don’t have a good agenda and they don’t have that much evidence to back up their claims.
  • Yes, of all the videos and media you see of the rioting, protesting and general public disorder, how many are done by the Right? Hm... almost none. How many are done by the Left? Oh my that's a mighty number you have there. Liberals yes in general are not a problem, the problem is they have become over saturated with SJWs which follow no logical reasoning, they only have one thought in their mind. "If they do not agree with me they must be an evil nazi." Which is disgusting, they make claims that people insult their individuality, infringe on their rights and deny them of free speech. Yet they will brand anyone not in their group as evil, a nazi, and a sinner. Yelling over them, trying to silence them, so they do all the things they complain about people doing to them. They are the definition of hypocrites.

    Again this is not all of Liberals, before the SJW movement Liberals were not in anyway like this. They have been overrun by the bad which means the sane ones don't get heard anymore.
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