Trump calls for congressional probe into possible wiretapping of his campaign

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Gloves are off - Trump is going all out. First he counter attacked Schumer with the Russian bagel story, and now an actual congressional probe against Obama.  As many chess players know, an offense is often is the best defense.

so far in related debate from this am,
60% of debateIslanders who commented om that debate,  believe that Obama likely did wiretap Trump before the election

also most of DebateIslanders replied to the Schumer debate, thinking Trump was on point
  1. Is congressional probe actually going to find illegal wiretapping?

    15 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • I really doubt that this will be found.
  • I believe that they will. Considering that Donald Trump actually decided to launch a probe, this must have some sort of real facts or evidence behind the decision.
  • Yes, again, since Donald Trump actually decided to launch a campaign something must have triggered this risky decision.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • No, the claim is out right ridiculous.
  • It is highly unlikely that Trump will actually find anything. He is just trying to raise doubt in a calculated move to draw attention from himself and his issues with Russian connections.  He is definitely declaring war now to his opponents - it is very riskyand ruthless.  It is like a frivolous law suit, that just puts pressure at the other party to defend themselves and get barried.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • I think it may. As others said, something has to motivate them to make such a bold claim against the Obama administration. There had to be hard core evidence against the Obama administration as well. Not, alternative facts.
  • No, it's just another crazy claim by the Trump administration.
  • Winning this one for Trump is actually not to find anything wrong, but just to raise enough doubts about his opponent credibility.  That will also show them his ruthless side even more.  If he actually finds something that will be extra credit for him.
    that said, I think given Obama history of wiretapping, Trump may get lucky and find something inappropriate 
  • Such a crazy claim may be right.
  • I really doubt they will find something.  It will just outrage the american public that Trump is making these types of allegations.
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  • Now FBI chief Comey is asking the case to be dropped. That is a bold confrontation by Comey. Very different in many ways with what happened with Hillary emails incident.
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  • Live Long and Prosper
  • No, I really doubt it.
  • No, that's an extra crazy claim by Donald Trump and his administration.
  • @oueykind_9191 , agreed.  The claim is unbstantiated to draw attention away from real issues. 
    WhyTrump - a good question
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