Israeli Cabinet Makes Move to Decriminalize Recreational Marijuana Use - should US too?

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Israel changed their policy regarding make recreational use, although growimg and selling is still illegal.  
USA has been split around this policy state by state, but shoud we consider either making it completely legal or something similar to what Israel is putting in place?
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  • No. USA has very different conditions. There are  many drug dealers and people generally, that use this in a dangerous way. Different conditions required different rules and laws.
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  • I agree with joecavalry.
  • model67model67 50 Pts
    Drug usage is a complex problem with legal, social, health and economic implications.  As a nation we are spending an obscene amount of money supporting a failed war on drugs and its arcane policies.  Pot should be legalized and a fraction of the funds spent keeping pot users in prison redirected to aggressive prevention programs.  We have over 50 years worth of data that show our punitive approach to drugs has failed and imposes a heavy financial burden on tax payers.  Part of the problem is this issue has been hijacked by religious groups, private jails, companies providing equipment to police, etc. Most of these groups have a financial interest on keeping drugs illegal and will continue to lobby congress to do so.  
    Consider the case of Colorado, they have seen a net reduction on drug related crimes after legalizing pot  There isn't a perfect solution to this problem.  As a society we have decided it is more important and convenient for some groups to punish drug users as opposed to considering other alternatives such as legalization.
  • The US has different conditions and a different situation.
  • Our situation is different, I agree with @model67  that legalizing it completely in all states will be a prudent and cost effective solution.  We would still need to emsure though that employers have drug-testing though.
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