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Did Obama free 122 'vicious prisoners' or 9? Trump Tweeter fact check?

Opening Argument

Trump said Obama freed 122 'vicious prisoners' but actually it was only nine? 

  1. ?

    2 votes
    1. Trump was right - it is 122
    2. Trump incorrectly spred info via Twitter- it was only 9
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  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    It looks like Trump made a mistake on this one.  I suggest he gets someone on staff to filter his twitter messages before sending to review for facts and impacts.
  • @inc4t , I agree with you.  I am not sure why they wouldn't put a place a checking process, if Donald wants to tweet, let him use a test account that someone reviews first.  It is embarrassing that we are finding out about mis-facts with something that could have easily been avoided.
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