Is Ben Carson's categorization of African slaves as immigrants appropriate?

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Carson categorized African slaves coming to US as immigrants, "Carson told a room packed with hundreds of federal workers that the Africans captured, sold and transported to America against their will had the same hopes and dreams as early immigrants."
  1. Do you agree with Carson on this?

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  • It is interesting that Carson might get away with such comments as he is an African he will be dismissed as maybe slightly incompetent. If Trump or others on his administration would make such a comment them the media frenzy would intensify, labeling them as racist. Ultimately, I think Carson made a technical mistake, that is someehat being twisted by the media. His overall message meant well.
  • Yes, it completely appropriate. Also, I love this website. I found it through the New York Times. I also like the articles and how they are in the website.
  • It's funny that this would even come up as a question at this point, considering Obama frequently made the same comparison.

  • Nice find @CYDdharta .  Looks like another example of Washington post selective fact finding mission.
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  • I agree with him. It's pretty accurate.
  • I didnt agree when Obama made similar references, and don't agree with Carson either. Obama didnot appreciate the full meaning of slavery, as he is actually a descendant of immigrant, not a slave.  I also don't think that Carson relates to any of that.  It is not accurate to miscategorize immigrants and those who came as slaves.
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  • No, I think it could be going a little too far, but I'm a fan of Ben Carson.
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