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Does immigration cost US billions a year?

  1. do you agree?9 votes
    1. Yes - it costs USA billions per year
    2. No - Trump was incorrect


  • ale5ale5 129 PtsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    I think factually technically Trump was incorrect, the article specifies very detailed analysis that makes sense to me. I would have agreed with Trump if he would have limited his statement to illegal immigration, but legal immigration is a positive asset to the US economic future.  Our country was founded on immigrants.
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  • Trump's focus was on illegal immigration, and that does cost us billions. 
  • VaulkVaulk 199 Pts
    I worked for "The GEO Group" for about a year in 2006, during which time I was assigned as a correctional officer in a facility that housed mostly illegal immigrants.  Our facility housed anywhere between 300 and 450 illegal aliens at a time.  There were 2 shifts (Day and night) and each shift consisted of 18 officers.  Even using conservative pay rates of 10$/hr, that's $57,600/month JUST for correctional officer salary.  That doesn't include utilities for the facility, food for the inmates, medicine and medical staff salaries, cleaning supplies, weapon upkeep costs, transportation vehicle adds up really quick.  In one year, the conservative salaries I listed would be $691,200.  Considering that there hundreds of these facilities across the southern states and the Government contracts them for ridiculous amounts because there's not enough space in Prisons to house these Criminals...I can EASILY see Billions going into this program every year.  And this is only the corrections side of the equation.
  • inc4tinc4t 128 Pts
    @Vaulk, that's interesting. I didnt even consider that part of the cost. That's in addition to enormous cost of free healthcare and other social welfare benefits
  • PinoPino 67 Pts
    There is no doubt that the hidden cost of the clandestine security measures to the U.S, and other western governments is well into the 10's of billions of dollars.
    Add to this the global cost of airport security necessary to try to thwart Muslim terrorists blowing aircraft out of the sky along with the incalculable expense of business and passenger disruption and you could very well be into the $ trillions globally.
    Every time you join one of those long snaking queues to reach the security checks and have your person and hand baggage searched, take a few seconds to thank our gracious Muslim brothers for their input to our economy. 
    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY;- The terrorist will always get through. 

  • Yes, it seems correct to me. I agree with @Vaulk and @pino . Also, interesting info @vaulk , that's some great experience to work in facility like that.
  • No, it was probably not factually based or based on little evidence.
  • WhyTrumpWhyTrump 140 PtsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    Immigration is what fueling our country.  Illegal immigration is what's presenting an issue, and financial impact of illegal immigration is likely negative, but still debatable.
    but the issue here is that Trump made his commens specific to "immigration", without qualifying it as illegal.
    that is wrong.  We have many generations of immigrants - and many of them (us) are great!
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • VaulkVaulk 199 Pts
    No, it was probably not factually based or based on little evidence.
    @censel_coffeeLove The information used as evidence to support the statement made by trump was from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  The FAIR organization was slammed recently by would-be nay-saying Liberals when their estimates were attacked with questions regarding the qualifications for each estimate.  The problem here is that the attack is focused on the idea that "FAIR used Estimates!".  The problem with this is that FAIR already stated that their reports was based on estimates and in fact includes what estimates were used, why and why they "Think" the estimate was fair.  FAIR also acknowledges that "It’s difficult to determine exact costs of a population for which only estimates are available".  I concede that Trump might very well be wrong...but I also contest that whoever claims him to be so...cannot prove it any more than he can prove he's right.  There is no hard data, we don't know how many are here, we don't know how long the current illegal immigrants have been here and we most likely never will.  There's the upper class, middle class, lower class and the shadow class.

  • Yes, his numbers and information were accurate. As @vaulk said, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, also known as FAIR said the information cited by President Trump. Liberals and Democrats alike obviously dislike the facts, but again, they're facts.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • VaulkVaulk 199 Pts
    Well said @joecavalry , The contest of facts that's being presented by the left isn't really about President Trump's statement, it's about what FAIR's evaluation of Immigration costs.  With proper argument I would be willing to concede that the actual cost could be a difference of 20-40 Billion dollars but it could be 20-40 billion higher OR one knows for certain.
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