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Do you believe we will achieve Jeff Bezos dream of millions of people working and living in space

When Jeff Bezos opened up Amazon, it was inconceivable that he will not only overtake Borders, but effectively shut it down, and redefine ecommerce as we know it. It was inconceivable that his infrastructure will become a default option for many data centers. Now he has a new dream, having millions of people working and living in space.  Is that realistic in our lifetime?
  1. in our lifetime, will we have millions of people working and living in space?6 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
  • inc4tinc4t 49 Points
    I think in the next 30-50 years, we will be close to that goal.  He already signed up his first customer today as well - with. Launch for 2021. It is tight competion between him and a genious of our time - Elon Musk.  I think, that in itself is an interesting debate, I will create it right now.
  • ale5ale5 34 Points
    Yes, however ludicrous this idea may seem right now, I think that as the cost of that infrastructure will drastically drop, and an ecosystem of space travel will get established - there will be very significant space travel in the newr future.  Millions is not a large number, giving the overall earth population.  We didn't anticipate so much airplane travel 100 years ago either, but now it is difficult to imagine too many people who wouldn't take it for granted.
  • That is just way too far fetched.  I agree that there will be decent adoption, but I just dont see a need for millions of people in space in our lifetime.  I think maybe Bezos was just influenced too much by being in the latest StarTrek movie.
  • agsragsr 143 Points
    I think Jeff Bezos is a visionary, and We will likely see his dream be realized sooner than we expect.  Space travel is a ludicrous business, as it will be a major tourist attraction once prices start dropping. Saying millions of people will travel to space, is a drop in a bucket compared with our air travel today.  I definitely see it.
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