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Is it likely that Trump will get impeached?

WhyTrumpWhyTrump 22 Points
With so much controversy and polarization of the country, how likely is it that over his tenure Trump would get impeached from Presudency
  1. ?9 votes
    1. Highly likely
    2. A Possibility
    3. Unlikely
    4. No, he will will most likely get reelected too after 4 years


  • It could be possibly, although very unlikely.
  • agsragsr 75 Points
    I see no evidence why we would argue that he may get impeached. While Trump is generating lots of controversy based on his change measures, that is not ground of any impeachment discussion.
  • mjhhjm90mjhhjm90 7 Points
    I find it extremely likely. All he has done is lie to us, damage our country's reputation, wanting to take away the affordable care act that is helping millions of Americans with their health care, censoring the White House Press Corps and kick many of them out of the building for doing their jobs, and falsely accusing former president Obama on wiretapping which he still hasn't produced any evidence of. All he has done is lie, insult people, and when the democrats win more seats in the mid-terms, we will kick him out of office!
  • islander507islander507 32 Points
     I disagree with @johannarunel and @mjhhjm90 ;
    Trump is an outsider and trying to improve current inefficiencies to make the country better.  Alomg the way he will get some people upset so that is fully expected.  Regarding your specific comments:
    ACA replacement - will be better than Obamacare for many,but not all. See related debate on this site.
    white house press - he is right to kick them out. They are milking him for ratings and twisting the truth.
    obama wiretapping - lets see how the probe works out first. Obama has history if wiretapping other world leaders.

  • mjhhjm90mjhhjm90 7 Points
    @islander507 First, at the beginning of your comment you misspelled the word "Along". Second; I disagree with you on the part of Trump having the right to kick out the press. It comes under violation of the First Amendment to the U.S Constitution giving the right to freedom of the press. Plus it makes us more skeptical as to what else Trump is hiding from the public. The only reason why he kicked them out is because he doesn't  like the stories they report on. Third; if Obama did wiretap Trump, where is the proof. It has been weeks and they still produced nothing to show us anything. It is obvious that the wiretapping accusations are just a distraction to keep us from asking about the Trump Administrations involvement with Russia before Jan. 2017. And also, millions of low-income Americans are benefitting from Obamacare and it would cripple the health care of those who could no longer afford it if it was taken away. If this administration want's to do a good job, then they need to start reporting the truth for once, stop sending us off on some wild goose chase, and to stop reporting anything as fact unless they could prove it first and to stop wasting our time.
  • ale5ale5 32 Points
    I agree with your concerns @mjhhjm90 , but none of these are causes for impeachment. Obamacare vs replacement plan has many pros and cons, but I agree that it will likely disadvantage the poor and elderly.  There is a related debate on this site.
    the biggest issue is his likely unfounded accusation of Obama for wiretapping. If that truly comes out a marketing ploy that may result as ground for impeachment discussions, but even that I doubt will be ground for such an aggressive action as an impeachment.
  • islander507islander507 32 Points
    @mjhhjm90 , we can debate specific 3 points regarding the press, Obamacare, and wiretapping accusations.  I believe that he is on firm ground on all 3 points.  
    I am interested to see what ultimate evidence Trump will present for wiretapping, but Obama has history of wiretapping other world leaders so I will not be shocked if he wired Trump as well. 
    Media is out of control attacking Trump. There is a big difference between freedom of speech and dispeakable aggressive attacks by these big media outlets.

    none of these justify impeachment discussions even if Trump was not fully correct in these points.
  • No, and he will probably be reelected in 4 years too.
  • inc4tinc4t 32 Points
    There is no merit for claim of getting Trump impeached.  That's completely unsubstantiated.
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