Should Amazon share Alexa data with law enforcement agencies to solve crimes

Opening Argument

In its simplest explanation Amazon Alexa is a cloud service that deploys one or more listening devices (called Echo) in your house and allows you to ask Alexa for information or control Alexa enabled devices such as lights, curtains, etc. with your voice.  Recently Arkansas police demanded that Amazon turn over information collected from a murder suspect’s Echo device,  see  

Do you think Amazon should provide data collected through Alexa service to Law Enforcement agencies (LEA) to assist solving crimes?  If so, would you still use Alexa or other similar services?

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  • No, they should not. When Apple refused to share information with the Us government, there was more trust from consumers to Apple. If Amazon were to give info from Alexa to the authorities, that would reduce confidence and trust.
  • Yes, crimes need to be solved. 
  • I think realistically anyone who uses Siri with auto-listen, Alexa, and etc devices need to understand that they are giving up privacy for convenience.  As we learned from wikiLeaks, and security breach reports these devices can be hacked, and essentially someone can be listening to you 24x7.  Based on evolving jurisdiction rules authorities may demand that information in association with terrorist acitivity suspicion or criminal investigations.  I believe that with a warrant that information request is a fair game, but regardless of wheather that request is granted the privacy is lost with these devices.
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  • I personally don't use any voice commands; I'd be more comfortable using DOS.  That said, this is a new generation.  From their earliest days they were being surveilled by video and audio baby monitors. Then when they were old enough to step foot outside their house, they were given camera-phones (just for emergencies, of course). They idolize reality TV stars, and post their lives on the internet. The only time they give privacy any attention is when their indiscretions are being used against them. There’s a very simple way to keep LEAs from using information like this, just don’t use it, so I don’t have a problem with it.

  • I also agree with CYDharta.
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  • Echo is a hugh violation of privacy.  For whatever reason if someone is willing to use it, that's on them if it gets hacked or used against them in any way as part of a criminal investigation.   If new generation is comfortable for hackers or government listening to them at any time without them knowing then let them continue to use the product. Good luck.  
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  • Yes, crimes need to be solved.
  • I agree that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own privacy with these devices.  That said, I don't think that Apple or Amazon should have to turn over this evidence to government for investigations.  That is a violation of trust between them and their customers.
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  • I also agree that these devices are hugh violations f personal privacy. Many choose to use it, but then shouldn't complain when authorities request the information.
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