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Would Trump ever award Mexico Wall $21BB project to a hispanic-owned company?

Opening Argument

WhyTrumpWhyTrump 164 PtsPremium Member

One in 10 firms bidding for Trump's Mexico wall project are Hispanic-owned
  1. ?

    9 votes
    1. Yes - if thats the lowest bid
    2. No
WhyTrump - a good question

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  • agsragsr 601 PtsPremium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    Premium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    I am confident that as long as it is the best bid and they demonstrate that's the right bid for the project then they can be selected despite being hisoanic-owned.  Also government bid process is very formal so it would be difficult for Trunp administration to tinker with lowest bidders.
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  • No, I don't believe that he would do so. Although, at the same time this may show friendship to the Hispanic community therefore making it a brilliant move by Donald Trump.
  • why on earth wouldnt he? you think trump just hates hispanics? Let me tell you something...the hispanic immigration into the us is very bad for their own nations...these people should be working to make their own nation more like the US if they had any sense of civic pride. They do not need to try to eat the breadcrumbs off of the freedoms we have in the us...they could create success in their OWN nation. The entrepreneurial spirit of this mexican company is exactly what mexico needs...they can make money in ways other than drugs and remittance and this proves it.
  • Exactly, that is an amazing point. Wow, I saw your a new user and on a role. Any way, the Mexicans need to make their countries great again to not pout into the US like criminal bugs.
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  • ishueishue 2 Pts
    Yes, he wants a good price.
  • ale5ale5 147 PtsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    @FiveofSwords , given the remarks Trump made against hispanic, many believe that he is racisg and has an issue with Mexicans and hispancs. It will be interesting to see if in situation of hispanic company having a lowest bid he would hold off his racism to still award them the business. To your point, Mexico has great potential and had lots of talented people, it is unfortunate that they are being framed around drugs, illegal immigrantion and etc.
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