New Missouri law makes Grade School fights a Felony, resulting in up to a 4 year sentence: Is this n

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Yes, way too far.

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  • They should not make that kind of law. Are the kids and parents aware of the law. If they get angry and do a little fight then a 4 year sentence seems to long.
  • Children fight, it is normal. Aggressiveness is innate. Children don't know better unless they are taught that fighting is not the best way to deal with their aggressive impulses. That is why sports or other physical activities are a very important part of childhood, because they are a way to channel our aggressiveness. Parents are responsible for teaching children how to control and channel their impulses. In my opinion this law is way out of line. 
  • I think that there is always going to be fighting especially with kids. Kids are not taught enough on how to deal with their inner aggressiveness as well as the impulse to get violent or hurt somebody. I think that this needs to be brought to the attention of kids and they need to be taught about it so that they can learn to protect themselves and others. However, I would have to say that this law was taken way too far and that making these little fights a felony is a little outrageous. Also, I would say that this should have been aimed more at physical bullying than small little fights that just happen on campus. I also think that 4 years in prison is a very long time for a small little problem that probably barely didn't do any damage. I would also like to point out that this law could detract from the benefit that the schools are aiming for because let's say that a kid is being bullied and other boys are picking on him and then they start punching him. It is human nature for the kid being bullied to fight back and defend himself. It is not human-like to just stand there and let these boys punch you. Then this would mean that both the bully, and the kid being bullied are charged with felony even though the victim was simply protecting himself. 
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