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Is naming Winter storms silly?

ale5ale5 75 PointsPremium Member
I know we name hurrinanes, but is naming winter storms by weather channel is a silly practice?
  1. ?5 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • ale5ale5 75 PointsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    I think it's silly to name winter storms. That is just a marketing gimmick by the weather channel and has no practical use.  I think that's fine for hurricanes to be named though, but as World is becoming more global maybe diversify names pool too.
  • islander507islander507 64 Points
    I think it's fine to name them. I see no harm if it makes people and the weather channel happy.
  • inc4tinc4t 101 Points
    There is a booming business model for naming things most people didn't expect.  There is even a business for naming stars or land on a moon, with a certificate of ownership.  I think that's perfectly fine.
  • joecavalryjoecavalry 68 Points
    No, it's actually informative.
  • ale5ale5 75 PointsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    @joecavalry , I am not sure how it's informative.  If a winter storm is coming, I personally don't think of it as Stella vs Alexa, Instead I want to know what it will do to my commute.  Unlike Hurricanes, winter storms are not memorable enough to actually get a name.  Its not like Sandy, Irene, Catrina...
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