Will Uber crumble under "grown-up" company problems

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what started as an upstart cool new company, Uber seems to be hitting a bad streak as it exploded in valuation and became more mature. Now with Seattle efforts to unionize Uber workers, it may take away flexibility that is core to the culture and business model of Uber.  That is coupled with a lawsuit from Alphabet (google parent), harassment lawsuits, and that ugly video of Uber CEO yelling at the Uber driver.
will Uber be resilient enough to evolve passed these challenges, or will it cave?
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    1. Uber will be significantly impacted by these issues
    2. Uber is resilient enough to make it
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  • As Uber scales, these types of issues will start slowing down its growth. I would especially be concerned about Unionization efforts
  • Uber is getting killed out their. Many say that they are having a horrible year and that could be true.
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  • Now they also have competion from other ride sharing companies.  That is just way too much to handle at once.  The big question is if they established sufficient critical mass to survive all these attacks.  Ultimately the idea and service is mostly great, and they disrupted the taxi industry. If they survive these attacks then they will also have to strategize how to evolve in an era of self-driving cars
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  • Uber has to adapt to the market and extremely fast.
  • Uber is an amazing company. They disrupted the market and will further leverage their edge by getting into related industries and taking advantage of future of self-driving cars.  It is must a small bump on a way to even hgher valuations.  Their user experience is completely streamlined, and they are 10x better than other options.
  • Another setback for Uber, is that they are stopping their self-driving pilots after a serious Arizona accident.
    Uber is having a terrible luck this year.
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