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agsragsr 613 Pts,

The perfect domain for online debates is just serving online ads.
I bet it gets lots of search engine traffic just because of the name, but disappoints its visitors once they land there.
But was once a great online debate website that was subsequently shut down? Or was it always put up just a fancy domain name to lure unsuspecting visitors into an ad farm?
Should just sell their domain name to an actual online debate website? history according to internet archive

Based on a bit of research and looking at internet archive way back machine, it seems that was launched in 1999,but was never an actual debate site. history accrding to crunchbase

However, According was founded in 2007, and even lists its contacts, founder name, email, and phone number. description is listed as follows: is a membership-based online debating service designed to provide an easy and free system for members to intellectually challenge, debate and communicate with each other on the Web. Members can create their own unique profiles that identify their political affiliations, interests, educational background and opinions on hot topics and's technology then provides a "ratio of disagreement" with the other members, making it easy to select an opponent or to build group of friends. Members can also add photo albums to their profiles and share their albums with their friends or the entire community. Members can challenge existing members or invite anyone to come and debate them on a topic of their choice selected from a wide range of categories. A formal debate is between two members, the instigator and contender; but every member can participate in the debate by posting comments and voting on the winner. Voting is based upon a point system that allows members to vote on 7 key elements of the debate. All debaters are ranked based upon the number of debates they have debated in relation to the number of debates they have won. is evolutionary in nature and will continue to add new features to encourage further education, discussion and communication among the members. future?

So what is the true history and intend of this registered domain name? Is a future domain for a great to be launched Debate website?

  1. - Was Debate Website ever build for online debating?

    7 votes
    1. was once a debate website that subsequently shutdown
    2. was always an ad farm
    3. will likely be used in the future for an actual debate website
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