Younger generations tend to be more democratic and more liberals. Agree?

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According to pewresearch, it seems that younger generations tend to be more democrats and liberal.  That trend is growing. Do you agree?

A wider partisan and ideological gap between younger, older generations

The generation gap in American politics is dividing two younger age groups, Millennials and Generation X, from the two older groups, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation.

In 2016, as in recent years, Millennials and Gen Xers were the most Democratic generations. And both groups had relatively large – and growing – shares of liberal Democrats: 27% of Millennials and 21% of Gen Xers identified as liberal Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents.

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  • I agree from empirical evidence that younger generation is more Dem and Liberal.
  • That makes sense to me, although there are many exceptions to this rule.  It is disturbing though to learn that there is a growing trend in younger generations for being liberals.
  • It's the old saw; if you're in your 20s and not a liberal you have no heart, if you're in your 30s and not a conservative you have no brain.
  • I guess that trend is becoming stronger based on the data provided.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I agree.  More young people share democratic views
    WhyTrump - a good question
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