Should The US limit immigration?

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Immigration has grown to much throughout the world and I am proposing that something has to be done about it,to many people from the Asian continent have moved to America and the UK. Also I think that immigration throughout the world should be limited to a certain amount so than the tradions of that town/city do not determinate.

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  • No, certain immigrants from some countries contribute to our society.
  • It is true that immigrants contribute to the longer term success of our society. That said, that is not an argument for unlimited immigration.  
    First of all, illegal immigration should definitely be severely limited at all cost.
    Legal immigration should be fine in general, but should follow quotas to prioritize via a through vetting process.
    There are many debates on this topic on immigration section of Debateisland.
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  • Illegal immigration should be stopped.  I don't have a problem with legal immigration, except that all too often immigrants are being used as cheap labor to displace American jobs.
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