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My undocumented friend: Carlos does the work few in Vermont want to do

Carlos was one of the estimated 1,000-2,000 undocumented, mostly Mexican immigrants employed on the state’s dairy farms

  1. Should Carlos be deported?21 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • WhyTrumpWhyTrump 94 PointsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    This is a good example of Useful function played by undocumented immigrants.
  • islander507islander507 64 Points
    Carlos should be deported.  He is here illegally, and whether he serves a useful function or not for the local economy it is unfair to American tax payers and other immigrants who waited for their turn to come here.
  • agsragsr 276 PointsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    The article makes an argument that likely without illegal immigrants the dairy economy in Vermont would dry up.  That maybe true, but if we are relying on illegal labor to do this, then it is still not a valid reason supporting undocumented immigrants.
  • CYDdhartaCYDdharta 144 Points
    He should be deported and let back in when he applies for and is granted a Visa.  Illegals do not benefit our society.  Legal migrants that come here to work and aren't taking American jobs do.
  • VaulkVaulk 111 Points
    Well I don't know, has Carlos been screened for dangerous contagious diseases such as Malaria, Ebola, Smallpox, Dengue Fever, The Plague?  These are all diseases that exist in 3rd world countries because there is absolutely no Government accountability concerning Citizens with deadly and communicable diseases.  Has Carlos had a background check?  Is there even a way to verify that he's not some Serial Child Rapist from another Country?  Granted the percent of foreigners who are horrible criminals is probably very 5%-10% of the total...but can you roll the dice with 1-10 odds that you're not going to hire some sick, nasty criminal with a history that would put Charles Manson to shame?  Seems like a HUGE risk for such a tiny benefit like having someone work in the dairy industry who doesn't pay taxes.
  • Yes, there are little to no exceptions when it comes to deportations or that's the way it should be.
  • hucj_rockhucj_rock 2 Points
    No, people like Carlos don't deserve to be deported.

    he clearly contributed to American and his community, if he gets deported, his farm and others could suffer.
  • melanielustmelanielust 122 Points
    He does valuable work and contributes to society. People say he's benefitting off of other people's taxes with welfare programs even though he's not a citizen, but he's just as good as a citizen so his presence in America isn't hurting anyone.
  • Im sure he's a great guy, but all illegals must be deported and fast as well.
  • VaulkVaulk 111 Points
    @melanielust ; I'm afraid by definition, Mexico is in fact a 3rd world country.  Pick a source...any source, any official determining factor and you will see that Mexico is listed (Along with many other countries) as a 3rd world country. world

    All these references will explain and prove why Mexico is a "3rd World Country" but this is setting aside the fact that Mexico has no sovereignty.

  • joecavalryjoecavalry 68 Points
    Yes, he must be deported. Any illegal immigrant needs to be, because when exceptions start to be made everyone started expecting to not be deported due to their job, personality etc.
  • ale5ale5 75 PointsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    @joecavalry ;
    I don't agree that we should deport 11 million people - it's inhumane.
  • I agree with @ale5 . Carlos is a great person and this country wouldn't be the same without him... and many others alike.
  • VaulkVaulk 111 Points
    Maybe we should let Carlos stay...and by doing so we would send the message to the millions of people who are going about the "Legal" way of gaining citizenship that their efforts to do the right thing to get into the U.S. are great and all...but we're going to give shortcuts to those who chose to break the law and skip the line.  Imagine you and your wife can't have children so you begin going through the adoption process, 12 months later you're still waiting for your approval to adopt and meanwhile your neighbor decides to just steal a child.  Then you find out the Government decided to give your neighbor a break because he's had the child for so long that it would be just too inhumane to remove the child from him...and you're still stuck waiting for your approval...this is essentially the message we'd be sending to all the people that respect our laws: "Respect our laws regarding immigration and you'll be passed up by everyone else who didn't respect our laws...they'll be given preference while you have to wait the full period for citizenship and you STILL might be turned down".  This is also called "Wrong" where I come from.
  • love2debatelove2debate 88 Points
    @Vaulk, that's an Amazing point!  
  • knekk_3029knekk_3029 32 Points
    No, Carlos should not be deported. As a democrat, I am against these mass deportations. I agree with @Vaulk on this debate. Carlos clearly contributed to our society in the United States. Without him and other illegal immigrants, our workforce will change and the economy could collapse. Although, the unemployed Americans can relpace these Illegal Immigrants' jobs. The issue with that is simply... Experience, skill, location, pay etc. the illegal immigrants and being payed a little amount of money to do their job, Americans can't be paid so little but the smallest would be the minimum wage. With skill, people coming in to these jobs would not be skilled to most likely not doing them before. Also, labor is a big issue due to the high labor required for these jobs which Americans may not want or prefer to actually do. That is a major issue as well.
  • VaulkVaulk 111 Points
    @knekk_3029 ; The reply button is very misleading, I think you meant to agree with another debater lol.  But to respond to @knekk_3029, I'm not sure how anyone can verify that an illegal immigrant is contributing to our society.  How does one measure the contributions of an illegal immigrant?  Some might say "Well he pays taxes" to which I would reply "With what Social Security Number"?  If you don't have an SSN or Tax ID number then you simply cannot have taxes deducted from your wages and therefor cannot contribute to income Tax or Social Security Tax.  Likewise if Carlos is performing a job in the U.S. as an undocumented worker...then his employer isn't required to give him fair pay, benefits, time off...ect.  So what's to stop his employer (Who's apparently ok with using illegal labor) from out-selling his competition due to his abnormally low worker expenses?  If two Dairy Farms operate in the same country and sell their products nationwide...but one of those Dairy Farms uses cheap and illegal labor, who's going to be able to sell products at a lower rate and therefor out-perform their competition?  While this problem is the fault of Carlos per say (The employer should be charged) the existence of this labor force is still and undeniable issue and IS NOT a good thing for our Economy.
  • VaulkVaulk 111 Points
    And excuse me ladies and gentlemen, never debate before Coffee.  Phew I sincerely apologize for that grammar mess above.
  • randalrandal 46 Points
    @Vaulk , lol. I agree, you should make a debate on "should people debate before coffee." Any who, I agree with @Vaulk
  • agsragsr 276 PointsPremium Member
    edited April 23 Premium Member
    The founder of Reddit speaks out with a personal video lashing out for illegal immigration.

    He makes it a personal story about his parents.
    I don't think though that it gives him the right to defend illegal immigration, although It makes sense to endorse immigration in general sith his story.
  • ale5ale5 75 PointsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    Poor Carlos is just getting so much heat for people wanting to deport him. I would say that on a scale of our priorities right now we have so much more to focus on than how to mess up poor Carlos's life - I would first focus on the North Korea, Middle East, health reform, tax reform. If we need to deal with illegal immigrants - let's deal first with those who have criminal records before we go anywhere near people like Carlos.
  • nato_baronato_baro 7 Points
    edited April 24
    Yes, I agree with @agsr . I came to this website because of him and so did many others. He is the all time leader. Also, the website is great. 
  • agsragsr 276 PointsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    @nato_baro, that is very humbling feedback and thank you for joining us on the Island...
    regarding Carlos, it is sad that liberals are making this issue about being "a good person" instead of looking at the core issue of it being illegal and having a serious financial burden on American tax payers.
    I am not saying lets immediately start mass deportations, or argue against immigration in general, but tolerating illegal actions are just not fair to American tax payers (I am sure that Carlos is a great person..maybe)
  • VaulkVaulk 111 Points
    I agree with @nato_baro , he makes a really interesting point that liberals are making this into an issue of Carlos being a good person instead of focusing on the underlying issue.  I think we can all agree that Carlos is most likely a good person...this doesn't change the fact that he shouldn't be in the United States. 
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