Are you concerned about face privacy?

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agsragsr 633 Pts

Who Owns Your Face?

Advertising companies, tech giants, data collectors, and the federal government, it turns out.

  1. Face Privacy?

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    1. I am concerned
    2. I am not concerned
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  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    That is very disturbing.  As cost of tiny cameras is dropping to close to zero, and face recognition technology is quickly improving, we will soon have full 24/7 surveillance on every person.
  • Everytime someone uses snapchat the AI learnes about our faces and gets more accurate.  Cameras on the streets, cars, offices, etc - will watch ever movement and know about our wareabouts.
    some sort of face privacy glasses will be needed just to go outside.  It sounds really scary.
    I argue that some level of privacy regulations should evolve to protect us from the ultimate 1984.
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