Laptops Ban at the Airport

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agsragsr 633 Pts
Due to security issues, laptops, ipads, and etc are now banned on a number of flights and airports. Is this a good security measure or an overreaction? 

Laptop ban on planes came after plot to put explosives in iPad

  1. Laptops Ban at the Airport - Good measure?

    3 votes
    1. Yes - Good security measure and I feel more protected
    2. No - overreaction, now I can't even use my ipad on the flights
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  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    Given the precedent of someone using a laptop for an exposive device I guess it is a good idea for a ban.  That said, it will certainly make air travel less pleasant.
  • I understand how dangerous it is now a days and how computers can be part of that, especially in airports. 
  • The answer cannot be to stop people bringing ipads to flights.  Many business travelers dont check in luggage, so if this problem continues and restrictions will carry over to domestic flights then it will be a serious concern that will hurt Airline industry.  Additionally, if the issue spreads to iPhones that will really be awful. 
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