Is Cincinnati Nightclub shooting going to add an argument for Gun Control proponents?

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 Cincinnati nightclub shooting: At least 1 dead, 15 people shot at venue

is this a good argument towards more gun control?
  1. Is Cincinnati Nightclub shooting going to add an argument for Gun Control proponents?

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  • Yes, it's a great argument. Although, due to Trump's endorsement, it will be unlikely that more gun control would be put into effect.
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  • No, it's a weak argument.  The nightclub appears to have had excellent security, on par with strict innercity high schools, but even tjat wasn't enough.  If patting people down and wanding them isn't enough, what good would aa few more gun laws do?
  • There are two opportunities, one tighter control and screening at entrance, and comtrolling gun supply at the first place.  Arguably, none of these improvements will guarantee reoccurrence prevention, but would be steps in the right direction.
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  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    Just like after Orlando shooting last year, the gun control will get more attention again.
    i also posted on related debate.

    I agree with @joecavalry ;

  • The Democrats know gun control is a loser of an issue.  Pushing for it could be just what Trump needs to solidify the GOP base.  If it didn't pass while Obama was in the White House, it has no chance of passing now.  I doubt the Democrats will make a serious push for it, they'll just bring it up as a campaign issue when they run for (re)election, and then aimed only at their base.  National concealed carry reciprocity and easing of restrictions on sound suppressors are much more likely to pass than now gun restrictions or limitations.
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