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Are Democrats Open To Working With Republicans?

Opening Argument

Are the liberals open to working with the GOP and Trump?
  1. ?

    11 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No

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  • canycany 12 Pts
    No, they think that they are all the way up the latter right now. The GOP have to show them their place. Also, love that I don't need to wait for one on one debates and await for votes that could not come!!!!!!! Also? Love the working polls and ability to debate with everybody not waiting for s person who may not show up there!!!!!!!
  • @adep, great question.  There are 2 sides to it, will Republicans work with Democrats, but will Democrats really work with Trump administration?   I think that some Dems may, but not the liberals, just too much gap in their agenda.  Also by working with Republicans Democrats may lose support from some of the left extremists.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I do presume that the Republicans are willing to work with the Dems.
  • So, that's a widely asked question. The Democrats are very optimistic st the movement after the Republican's huge, surprising loss on the American health Act bill. Now, remember, they do have the majority while the Democrats are down, in all of the branches. Due to the Conservatives and moderates not compromising, the bill was taken completely off the table. Donald Trump seems to be open to working with the Democrats, considering that he released a statement saying so. I believe that the Democrats are also open to working with the Republican Party and Trump administration.
  • @cany , I agree with you on both points.  Dems percieve that they have an upper hand right now, and even poll about Sanders show that he isthe most popular politician at the moment.  To top it off, I agree with agsr that Dems are not happy about Trump calling Schumer a clown.
    Your points about this site are spot on.  We love it.
  • No, they don't seem to be at the moment.
  • Yes, they are definitely open to doing tax reform in my opinion.
  • There are 2 questions in this debate:
    1) are Democrats open to work with GOP, I would say probably yes, although not sure how seriously.  The tax reform can be a good way to atleast try to find common ground.
    2) Are liberals open to work with GOP.  I would say that is a lot less likely.  The whole point of liberals, is that they stand on the opposite extreme of the GOP policies.  I don't think there is enough common ground there to have a serious partnership on any issues between Liberals and GOP.  The only exception maybe if Earth get attacked by Aliens and we need to jointly defend the planet :)
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