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Netflix vs Media Companies

agsragsr 158 Points
Netflix is quickly evolving, with bold strategy into original programming.  They are taking on big media networks, competing with them for most valuable resources - Talent.  Chris Rock reportedly doubled his payday to $40 million, from what he was making at HBO. Netflix is planning to spend $6 billion this year on original programming, aggressively borrowing to fund that strategy.  Many of their original series has won awards, and media networks are really concerned about new Netflix competion.  Netflix stock has been doing very well, with investors bullish on long term Netflix prospects.
Is Netflix going to do to HBO, Showtime, and other Networks what Amazon did to Borders?
Netflix already has precedent ofd driving established giants like Blockbuster out of business.

Some relvant resources in Netflix vs Media companies.

People think Netflix makes more interesting originals than rivals like HBO and Amazon

Better Buy: Netflix, Inc. vs. HBO

  1. Netflix vs Media companies4 votes
    1. Netflix
    2. Media companies
  • joecavalryjoecavalry 37 Points
    Netflix is about the same, but also has some features that HBO etc. don't have and vice versa etc.
  • love2debatelove2debate 50 Points
    HBO has traditionally differentiated itself with original content that was far superior to anything else on TV. Netflix, was originally a place to conviniently stream movies for leas than Ten buck monthly, as long as you were okay with content that is a year old or older.
    now Netflix is directly attacking HBO and other original content providers.  They are giving HBO, Showtime, and others a run for their money.   They are paying premium to actors to get premium content and are winning.
  • inc4tinc4t 49 Points
    Netflix is great.  At this pace of growth of creating original content they will overtake media companies soon.  Orange is the new black was great.
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