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Reddit Television 

Reddit Television (/r/Television) is a great resource to interact with other fans to discuss television programming.  

Why not integrate Reddit Television directly into TV programming to make it an interactive experience?

I am surprised that neither Cable companies, Netflix, Roku, or etc didn't come up with an integrated option with Reddit Television to gain competitive advantage.

Reddit Television ( has 12 million+ subscribers, with many specialized sub reddits for various Television shows, that each have many active subscribers.

Viewers can discuss TV shows live on Reddit Television 
By integrating Reddit Television as part of the actual TV experience, as an episode is playing, viewers can get easy access to relevant Reddit Television content, including upvoting  comments with their remote.

Integrate viewing history with Reddit Television experience
As a viewer finishes watching a show, s/he can be promoted to participate in relevant sub-reddit discussion

Reddit Television not a great option for Debating TV shows, but a great choice for engaging in TV discussions
While I argue that Reddit Television and Reddit in general is not ideal for online debating ( see related debate about Reddit Politics)

Reddit Television should integrate Polls to the experience
One of key features missing from Reddit Television is an integrated poll feature.  Polls part of the Reddit discussions would make it especially important to integrate with a TV experience.

For example, if I am watching Sienfeld reruns, it would be nice to see Reddit Television user comments on that episode. I would also like to participate in a poll if I think Kramer or George messed up more.

  1. Reddit Television integrated with TV?

    6 votes
    1. Yes - great idea
    2. No
Live Long and Prosper

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